Thursday, February 7, 2013

Laundry Room Photos

Our home was built in the 1980's. When we purchased the home, there was layer upon layer of ugly lovely floral wallpaper. There was dark wood trim & paneling everywhere. There was powder blue appliances and tons of linoleum. We painted bright, crazy colors when we moved in 11 years ago. And then we kind of grew tired of them. 

We have spent the last 5 years re-doing the entire house and I loved every second of it. The last room to be done was the laundry room. We had originally painted lime green & tiled the floor with really cheap tile (seriously...the entire floor cost us $30!). I wanted something different this time. Something calm & not neon. 

I came across this blog and bookmarked it last year. The hubby agreed to the color (yippee!) and we bought two gallons of it. 

Here are my before & afters. 

Before: Lime green walls, dark wood doors & trim, black & white flooring. 


 We painted the doors & trim white, painted the walls blue, I used a Target shower curtain to make a valance and purchased Mohawk laminate flooring from Home Depot. Total cost? About $400 for the entire re-do!

The lamp was a TJ Maxx clearance purchase. My homemade laundry detergent sits out all the time.

The 'wash' sign was purchased at TJ Maxx years ago and my hubby sprayed it white. I really want a chandelier to replace this light but they are expensive! I am searching for one at a thrift.

My folding table was free! The top is a used door and the two cabinets on the bottom were from a retirement community. One side holds the sheets and the other holds cleaning products.

I love our stacked washer/dryer. It came with the house and it frees up a lot of room.

Hiding behind the washer & dryer is our scale & trash container.

My husband's tool cabinet is hiding in the closet. It does not match. Too bad these don't come in white or pale blue. Ha!

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  1. The color blue is very nice and soothing


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