Thursday, January 26, 2012

Washington DC

Last night my hubby & I went to the world premiere of Big Miracle. It is a movie about whales and it was very, very well done. It is rated PG and I would highly recommend it. Here are a few photos from our big night on the town.

The movie premiere was huge. Loews Theater in Washington DC closed for the event and showed the movie on every screen. I cannot believe how many people were there. The first two photos are just of the crowd to give you a sense of how crowded it was.

The next two are of my husband & me in front of the "Big Miracle" screen. There will be more on the website. They had a professional photographer taking photos. These were just taken by someone in the crowd on our way out.

After the movie was an "after party". If you don't know me, let me just tell you my bed time is literally around 9-9:30pm every night. I am not an "after party" person. I don't drink, dance or eat anything "different" or "hip". We stayed for just a bit and had a virgin Shirley Temple. I took a photo of my husband with the light up cups - they are so cool!

After we stayed for about 10 minutes, we went for pizza & then came back to the hotel. It was a great evening.

Today we were busy. We slept until 10am (something I NEVER do!) and then we checked out of our swanky hotel (they had robes in the closets - awesome!). We drove the two blocks to Georgetown Cupcakes and ate a few cupcakes. The marshmallow fudge was the best!

After we got to our new hotel, we took the metrorail (a subway in Washington DC) to down town Washington DC.

Outside the Holocaust Museum:

At the Smithsonian Castle:

And finally at the Air & Space Museum.

Overall we have been having a wonderful time!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Very cool that you got to go to the premiere. I'm looking forward to seeing the movie this weekend :)


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