Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Wednesday

I spent yesterday painting my father-in-law's bathroom. We are slowly updating his house. His home is a lovely 1950's house which HE BUILT. I am amazed at the craftsmanship that went into the home. It includes glass doorknobs, wide plank wood floors, large wood baseboards and a shower in the basement. Yup...the shower is in the basement. I have been told this is a common thing for a 1950's home.

His my father-in-law is 85, he decided to finally put the shower on the main floor. Our contractor has been working hard for the last week and we were finally ready to paint.

Here are a few photos of me wearing "paint clothes" for your viewing pleasure - ha!

After painting we changed all the outlets to white. There were literally a dozen different outlet covers from the 1950's through the 1970's. My husband took off the covers, I did the wiring and he screwed the covers back on. Thankfully it was a quick process.

Today we are back up at the F-I-L's house doing a second coat of paint.

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