Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dog for a Day

My husband & I use Home Exchange to find homes to stay while on vacation. This past Friday we stayed at a place just outside Washington DC. The couple whose home we used will be using our home in March. They were in FL while we were there but they left their dog at home.

Let me start out by saying my husband is allergic to dogs and I also tested positive for being allergic to most animals years ago. The couple had a person to come in and take care of the dog (walk, feed, clean up, etc) so we didn't really have to do anything with the dog.

The dog's name was (well...I guess it still is) Bailey. She was super cute and followed us around constantly. It was adorable. I took a nap and she curled up by my feet on the bed.

It was wonderful to have a dog for a day. I can honestly say I do not want a dog though. I was wondering what it would be like to own a dog and this gave me a lot of perspective. The dog hair was everywhere and by the end of one day my throat was scratchy. Not a good thing by any means!

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