Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Looking forward to today...

In just a few hours, my husband & I will be driving to Washington DC. For my 32nd birthday (which is this weekend) my husband bought something special from ebay. That something is a red carpet gala, the world premiere of the movie "Big Miracle" and then an after party with the stars. I will be able to meet Drew Barrymore, Dermot Mulroney and a few more of the stars in the movie. We also get to stay at a really nice hotel ... one we would have never picked for ourselves due to the price.

And then we will be staying in Washington DC for a few more days. We used to find a house just outside of the area that was willing to swap homes with us. They will stay at our home in March.

It took me quite a while to figure out what to wear and I decided on a black dress I love with a velvet blazer & heels. It should be warm enough in the theatre but nice enough for the after party.

I will be posting photos throughout the weekend. Have a great day everyone!

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