Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I'm back

After taking a few weeks off from my blog, I am going to start posting again. A lot has happened over the last few weeks and I am sure I will catch everyone up over the next few posts.

Lately I have been selling a lot on ebay. I sell used clothing and basically anything else I can make a profit on. Recently I found something to sell at my father-in-law's house. (We are remodeling it and trying to de-clutter.) Here is a photo of it.

She doesn't look so bad far away but once I zoom in...

The poor thing is missing her eye balls. They fell back into her hollow head.

I listed the doll for $9.99. We'll see if it sells! If not, nothing lost. She will go back into the drawer from where she came.

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  1. A piece of cereal that looked like ET was once sold on ebay here in Australia so I'm pretty sure your doll is in with a chance lol
    Happy 2012 to you Mellissa, good to see you're back!!


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