Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ebay Results

I have been doing fairly well with ebay. Here are some items that have sold within the last two weeks.

A sparkly dress! These almost always do well in plus sizes. I don't do well with smaller sized dresses like this though. Purchased for $4.99, sold for $49.99.

Ralph Lauren velvet dress. Purchased for $2.50, sold for $39.99.

My husband's coveralls. These had been hanging in the closet for the last few years. They were given to him by an employer and sold for $36.99. I listed them at night and by the next morning, they sold! I love those kinds of sales.

Another quick sale -within hours! This Talbots jacket is a larger size and a more current style. I purchased it on 1/2 price day for $3, sold for $36.99.

I purchased this at a thrift for a few dollars about a year ago. I wore it and enjoyed it and now I was done with it. It is a Lilly Pulitzer hoodie and it sold for $34.00.

CAbi has a cult-like following for some reason. They print style numbers on their items which makes it very easy to find what to call the item. This was a sweater with oversized buttons. Purchased for $2, sold for $32.99.

This is a Lululemon item. Lululemon is huge and it always does fairly well. I was actually surprised this didn't do better but there were several on in the same size at the same time. I should have waited until those sold and then listed but I was a bit impatient and I like when I have everything listed that I have in the house. Purchased for 99 cents (the thrift didn't know the brand since there were no tags), sold for $32.


Here are some that I thought would sell but didn't. I will relist these when ebay has another sale. Lately ebay has been offering free listings (it usually costs about 50 cents to list on ebay) every 10-12 days or so.

Escada cropped pants. Escada has literally no following on ebay and yet I still pick it up. Escade retails for hundreds of dollars and I should be able to get atleast $10 for these, right? Nope. I will list them again closer to spring and hopefully they sell. I paid only $2 for them.

These also did not sell. Christopher & Banks is a mall store in our area. Perhaps they are nation wide? Anyway, this skirt was pretty, new with tags and was in a larger size. It retails for $50 but I found it at a bag sale so it cost me about 50-60 cents. So why couldn't I get $7.99 for it? I haven't the slightest idea.

This is also Christopher & Banks (note to not buy Christopher & Banks!). This was also from the bag sale so it cost just 50-60 cents. It didn't sell for $4.99.

Coldwater Creek also doesn't do so well on ebay unless you have something special. CWC has huge sales on their website -usually you can get their pieces 75% off. This kills the ebay market for these items since you can purchase CWC retail cheaper than on ebay. For some reason I still picked this up. I have had it for months. I am not sure if I am going to try it again since it didn't sell for $9.99 with free shipping.


Ebay is a great place to make some extra cash if you know what to sell. Research, research, research before you start. If you have an item you want to sell, go to and type it into the search box. Check what active listings are selling for and then if you do an "advanced search", you can search what completed listings have brought.

I saw these at a thrift shop for $1. I bought them to keep them. But I came home and researched them on ebay. I realized they sell for a lot and I didn't need them that badly. I listed them and now they are up to $61 and they still have 4 days left! Want to see the listing? CLICK HERE.

If you don't want to click, it is a set of Wrap Masters. You put your wax paper, foil and plastic wrap in these and it cuts clean.

Have ebay questions? Feel free to post them or email me. I am always willing to help!

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  1. I love when you tell us about your ebay sales- so interesting.
    Makes me want to go thirfting!
    Maybe I should start with the stuff in my basement first?
    And love the wrap masters. Never heard of them, but they looks so cool.


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