Thursday, March 20, 2014

Recent Ebay Sales - 3/20/14

I had a pretty good week on ebay. Yesterday I ended all of my listings since we leave for NJ in just three days. In October I had 600 listings. Before I ended all my listings yesterday I had under 250. Hopefully that will change soon! 

Here are some recent sales:

1. Camille La Vie pink prom dress, sold for $100.

2. Vintage Dr. Martens boots, sold for $35. 

3. Ann Taylor polka dot skirt & jacket suit, sold for $50. 

4. Free People oversized white top, sold for $32.

5.  Cynthia Ashby purple top, sold for $25. This is a great artsy name to look for. Mine had a hole but some go for $100+. 

6. Another pair of men's Levi's, sold for $25. I purchased a TON of these at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago. Each cost me 70 cents to $3. 

7. My favorite sale of the week! Jennifer Tyler Scottish cashmere sweater with a hole, sold for $100.

8. Eddie Bauer long denim skirt with flaws, sold for $20.50. 

9. Two Star Dog brand long linen dress, sold for $25. I would have kept this if it was my size. 

10. David Meister red dress, sold for $65 within two days of listing. 

11. Vintage Laura Ashley corduroy floral dress, sold for $34. 

12. Men's Express blue sweater, sold for $19.50. Purchased at TJ Maxx for $1. My sister actually found this so a big thank you to her if she is reading right now. 

13. Athleta knit bamboo/cashmere dress, sold for $27. I love finding this brand. It doesn't bring a lot but it always sells. 

14. Black lace mini dress, sold for $20. I purchased this for just $1. It isn't the best made dress and had no labels. But it was cute and I thought I would take a chance. It sold the first time I listed it which is always great. 

15. Hot Cotton by Marc Ware linen top, sold for $20. 

16. Ann Taylor animal print skirt, sold for $20. I purchased this for $5 on ebay to resell.

17. Jones Wear burgundy suit, sold for $25.  

18. My last item was just sitting around my house. It came free with my new hand mixer. I knew I would never, ever make my own bread. They sold for $10. Not a ton but better than something taking up space in my house.


This one came from my Ipsy bag this month. Ipsy is a monthly subscription box that costs $10. 

For the $10, you get 4-5 sample sized or full sized beauty products in a make-up bag. 

I keep a few items from each bag and sell the rest. I break even or make money every month. That means free beauty products for me! 

This month (March) had a NYX eyeshadow palette, Bare Minerals lipstick, Pixi (sold at Target) foundation primer and a Chetta blue eyeliner. It came in an adorable make-up bag. 

I listed the Chetta eyeliner for $6.49 and it sold within an hour! The NYX eyeshadow is listed for $5.49 and the make-up bag is listed for $3.99. That means I got to keep the lipstick & primer (the two products I would actually use) for free. Awesome. 

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