Sunday, March 16, 2014

Photos from around the house

Today is Sunday. I love Sundays since I love our church. However, my hubby is in Ohio today and we decided it was best for me not to drive with the pain medicine I'm taking. It makes me a bit fuzzy but does help with the pain. And so I am home enjoying the sunshine from bed. 

Here are some photos I have taken over the last week. 

I love to thrift and found this divided basket at Goodwill last week for $3.99. I'm not sure if I will sell it or keep it. We haven't been entertaining too much but this would be great for different pretzels & chips. It is on a lazy Susan which is pretty great.

A couple in our church had a baby girl. I sent the present in the mail since I knew they wouldn't be at church for a few weeks. Her name is Harper. I stock up on Kraft paper from the Dollar Tree since you can use it for almost any gift. Love it!

Isn't the human body amazing? I am starting to bruise from my IV and I love to see the different colors. 

Spring cleaning time! Both the hubby and I love to organize. I realize we are weird but we both look forward to it. On Saturday we did our annual "clean out the file cabinet" where we go through every. single. file and see if we can throw anything out. We wound up with a big trash bag full of paper. 

I love having a window across from my bed. It allows me to see the wonderful sunshine! We went from a -20 wind chill to 50 degrees in one day last week.

My hair is getting SO long. I have trimmed it myself but really need a trip to the hair dresser. One of the symptoms of RSD is hair growth.

Hair dye from I will be doing a post about this next week. So much cheaper than the salon! 

I also found a pair of shorts at Goodwill last week. I cannot wear pants too often since the material presses against my knee.  This is a common outfit for me - a bleach stained GAP hoodie, my husband's oversized t-shirt and shorts. It is a good thing we don't entertain too much!

A few years ago we painted "my" room (i.e. the guest bedroom) and we installed new shelving in the closet. We removed the doors and put up the curtains. For about $120 I had a new closet. I wish I would have remembered to take a "before" photo.

Do you see the box sitting on the shelf? That is my father-in-law's medicine.
I put it together every week. I wish we had another spot for this in the house but for right now it is in here.

Tucked behind the curtain are my belts, umbrella & purses. I'm down to two!

Please continue to pray for my knee. The injection hasn't helped at all. The doctor told me not to be discouraged since there are other things to try. I will go back to the doctor who did the injection in about 10 days to see what is next. Until then I am thankful for my cane and my new (thrifted!) wheelchair. 

I hope everyone has a great week!

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