Thursday, March 13, 2014

Recent Ebay Sales - 3/13/14

Thank you for all the prayers! I wanted to do a quick knee update. I got a spinal injection on Tuesday for knee pain. So far my pain level hasn't changed for the better. But, it has been just two days. The doctor said it could take effect immediately or take a few days IF it works at all. 

My ebay sale post is a few days early.

1. Lane Bryant black dress, sold for $20. This dress was listed for months. I get a few emails a week asking for ebay advice. One of the questions I frequently get is "How quickly do things sell?" There is no standard answer for this. Some things sell the same week or day I list them. Some items take months. Remember, millions of people shop on ebay every week. You are waiting for one of them. It takes just one.

The dress was too large on my mannequin so I also
photographed it on a hanger, as shown below.

2. Ralph Lauren scarf, sold for $25 plus shipping. I purchased this at TJ Maxx two weeks ago for $5. It is on the way to the Netherlands. There are bunches of scarves on ebay listed for under $10 with free US shipping. Mine went higher since I ship internationally.

3. Eileen Fisher linen skirt, sold for $50. My sister & I stopped at a thrift before TJ Maxx when she was here two weeks ago. I purchased it for $2.99 and it sold the first time I listed it. 

4. Lauren Ralph Lauren dark gray wool dress, sold for $29. I may have gotten more for it if I waited until next autumn/winter but I would rather have the $29 now. 

5. Jessica Howard black lace net overlay dress, sold for $25 with free shipping.

6. Michael Michael Kors black & pink printed jersey dress, sold for $25. 

7. Laura Ashley red floral dress with two holes, sold for $25. 

8. Laura Ashley purple floral dress with a flaw, sold for $30. I purchased 40 Laura Ashley dresses from an ebayer who was moving from CT to FL. She shipped them to me and they arrived in two large boxes. This was my 12th dress sold out of the 40 and I have paid for my investment with those 12 dresses. The remaining 28 will be pure profit. 

9. Speechless cherry print dress, sold for $20. I don't normally pick up this brand but it was new with tags and the print was cute. Plus it was half off at the thrift which made it $2.50.

10. Tommy Copper teal knee brace. This was a gift from my wonderful mom. She gave me permission to sell it (thanks Mom!) since the elastic cut right across my knee. I literally cannot have air from the hair dryer touch the back of my knee without instant pain. I'm not sure how much she paid but it sold for $20.50.

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