Thursday, February 6, 2014

Top 18 Ebay Sales - 2/6/14

Here are the top 18 items I have sold over the last week. Why 18? Because I wanted to include some of my personal items in this list. My average sale was around $20. 

1. Donna Rico blue dress with a built-in necklace, sold for $31. 

2. Joseph Ribkoff bright pink dress, sold for $31 to a buyer in the UK. 

3. Vintage Gitano acid was jean skirt, sold for $23.50 to a buyer in Canada. 

4. Wen cleansing conditioner, sold for $30. I purchased a set of 5 of these from QVC for $80. I kept one and will resell the others. That means I got mine for free (if I sell the others for $20). 

5. Vtg 1950's pony hair shoes, sold for $28. 

6. Keds slipper socks in the original 1981 box, sold for $20. 

7. Bebe maxi dress with a small flaw, sold for $50. 

8. New Karen Miller bronze lace dress & jacket set, sold for $66. 

9. New Alfani animal print wrap dress, sold for $22. This had previously went unsold for $9.99. 

10. J. Crew lobster print skirt with a small flaw, sold for $30. This was my personal skirt which I have worn a few times. 

11. Anthropologie Edme & Esyllte wrap skirt, sold for $50. 

12. Lululemon pants with a stain on the front, sold for $50. These were my personal pants. The stain on the front was thanks to my mechanic who used oil on my sliding van door. I didn't realize it until I leaned in the back to get something and got a mark across my shins. Ugh.

13. Carlisle black skirt, sold for $31. I have no idea why. This skirt has been sitting for months at a much lower price. 

14. Armani Exchange printed silk skirt, sold for $52. 

15. Pink Lotus for Athleta casual top, sold for $29. 

16. Lilly Pulitzer halter floral dress, sold for $75. 

17. Peruvian Connection new brown dress, sold for $37.50. 

18. Samsung digital camera, sold for $61. Have an old camera or cell phone laying around the house? Sell it!


  1. Great Sales! Love the Pink Lotus shirt~cute! Good thinking on the shampoo ~ you get to try for free. We are loving our "smarty pants" Thank you-again!!!

  2. Thanks Holly! Yup, free shampoo! :) I'm so glad you love the pants. I love mine as well :)

  3. Impressive sales and great photos. I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now., and love it. I'm a reseller as well and live in Jamesport, Eastern Long Island. Small world.

  4. Melissa I just found your blog and I'm thrilled. I seem to be in a rut.. only buying my mainstays.. but you have opened up a whole bunch of new finds.. that and I'm bummed to only have small profits. But it looks like you are good with selling items in the twenty range


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