Thursday, February 13, 2014

Top 10 Ebay Sales - 2/13/2014

A few weeks ago I had someone email me and ask if I wanted to purchase a lot of 40 vintage Laura Ashley dresses. YES! I am struggling with riding in the car due to the vibrations hurting my knee. So inventory shipped directly to me is very appealing right now. I have been slowly listing and selling them.

1. Laura Ashley floral tiered skirt, sold for $30. All of my Laura Ashley items were made in Great Britain which makes them more desirable on ebay.

2. Laura Ashley green floral dress, sold for $40.

3. Laura Ashley pink floral dress, sold for $40. 

4. Laura Ashley plaid dress, sold for $50.

5. Laura Ashley velour floral dress, sold for $40.

6. This...ummm...lovely dress from the 1980's. Sold for $26.

7. Under Armour black pants, sold for $36.

8. Michael by Michael Kors striped dress, sold for $46.

9. Talbots linen sheath dress, sold for $35.

10. Sweet Pea strapless maxi dress, sold for $31.

11. Pottery Barn shower curtain, sold for $90. Yes, I found this at a thrift. I was going to try it in my bathroom but it was a bit busy for my taste.

12. I love this dress so very much and wanted to keep it. I imagined myself on a boat with tiny red ballet flats and my hair gently blowing in the wind. I need to have more friends with boats. And I need to not get sea sick. Positive Attitude vintage dress, sold for $40.

Today I am working on listing a few more items today. We are getting more snow. Ugh. Can it be spring yet?

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