Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snow Photos

We have been hit pretty hard this winter. Of course, we live in Pennsylvania and we get a ton of snow every year.

How we feel about the snow!

My husband has been removing snow from the driveways of his dad's & his uncle's almost every day for weeks. He has also helped out two people that were stuck and has shoveled snow for the guy across the street from his dad. This is on top of shoveling our back porch. And cleaning, cooking and basically doing anything I need. Oh - did I mention he sings & plays in a band Friday & Saturday nights and leads worship at church on Sunday? And takes care of all his dad's needs too? I married a pretty amazing guy.

We have a gravel driveway which goes around our home. My husband has been driving around the house every day to 'flatten' the snow on the gravel. Today he got stuck. With a four wheel drive. 

I have been out once in the last 9 days. Hopefully it warms up a bit!

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