Monday, February 10, 2014

Knee Update - RSD

I will be doing another ebay post later in the week but for now I wanted to blog about my knee. 

For those that don't know, I was diagnosed with RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy) by three different doctors. My knee doctor and family doctor are truly great. I am going to a pain clinic which is just throwing pain medicine at me. I am thankful for the medicine but I don't see this as a long term solution.

RSD causes pain which is localized in my left knee. My knee doctor recommended a specialist who thankfully is only 45 minutes for me. This new doctor chooses which cases he wants and so my knee doctor submitted my records for him to review. 

I should know this week if the specialist will work with me. I am praying he chooses me. If he does, I should be able to see him within a month. He specializes in spinal injections which will help with the pain.

For now, I am mostly on bed rest. I was able to go to church yesterday and I enjoyed seeing my church family & friends.

I have a fun little set up with my laptop, TV and the bathroom is less than 10 feet away which is great. I am thankful I have such a flexible 'job' with ebay where I can rest if I need to. 

And a few more photos from around the house. 

One of my birthday presents from my mom was this vinyl quote. I love it. 

See that awesome vintage humidifier? My hubby found it. I have had trouble with my throat being dry and this has made a difference. It was about $10. It may be my favorite thing in the room right now. It doesn't even match but I adore the color.

My husband & I don't really do gifts for holidays. We would rather put the money toward a vacation. But, he surprised me with a new pendant light for above the sink. He picked it out and installed it by himself. I love it.

Purchased from Home Depot.

It matches our kitchen light so well. And guess who picked this one out? Yup, my husband! He found it on clearance at Home Depot. 



  1. Praying that the doctor picks you! And praying for some relief for u. Wow your husband has great taste... Tell him I said good job!


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