Friday, February 21, 2014

Top 10 Ebay Sales - 2/21/14

I haven't been listing so that means less sales. However, I am still selling thankfully. Here are a few of my top sales of the week: 

1. Kate Spade white sleeveless top with an odd ruffle, sold for $31. 

2. Japanese kimono, sold for $24.50 with multiple bids. This previously went unsold for $4.99. 

3. Talbots paisley & floral skirt, sold for $37. This goes to show you that you don't need a fancy mannequin. I laid this on  piece of white poster board.

4. J. Crew pale pink silk dress, sold for $27.

5. Bryn Walker purple top, sold for $20 with 11 bids.

6. Mountrek puffy boots. I ordered these off of for myself. I paid $22 with free shipping. They came and I realized I needed a wider width. I sold them on ebay for $30 plus shipping. After ebay fees, I made $2. Ha. But, if I would have returned them, I would have lost atleast $8-$10 to ship them back.

7. St. John Collection blue jacket, sold for $65 although it had a stain and was in their tiniest size. I purchased this for just $1.50 so I am pretty thrilled. 

8. Vtg. Laura Ashley dress, sold for $38. 

9. Vtg Laura Ashley green corduroy jumper dress, sold for $25.50. I purchased about 40 vintage Laura Ashley dresses about a month ago. This was my 8th sold dress and I have made back over half of my investment.

10. Boston Proper velvet top, sold for $30. I loved this top. It hung in my closet for months. I kept trying it on and taking it off. The neckline just didn't work for me. I paid $2 for it so the profit was good.

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