Monday, February 17, 2014

Knee Update

For those that don't know, I have been diagnosed with RSD in my left knee. I was hoping to get chosen to see a specialist but it turns out he is no longer taking RSD patients. So that put me back to square one. 

My knee doctor & family doctor are both awesome. Last week both took the time to find me another RSD doctor and my family doctor even made me an appointment with one. It turns out that they don't take my insurance. Boo. 

My knee doctor gave me the name of a pain doctor that DOES take my insurance. Both doctors faxed over my records and they called today. I have an appointment for Thursday - three days from now. I'm encouraged by that. This doctor uses therapy & injections to help chronic pain patients. 

Today was the first day I was outside in over a week. I made the big trip to Wal-Mart. It wasn't the best but I made it through. Right now the only way I am getting out of bed is taking pain medicine so I am really hoping the new pain doctor helps. 

I did fall both Saturday & Sunday. Nope, I wasn't outside in the 16" of snow or on the ice. I was in my house. I didn't have my crutches either time. It is hard to carry anything when I use them. I am fine but I am a little more hesitant to walk around the house. 

My hubby is bringing home a cane from his almost 88 year old dad's house today. I may have to decorate it with some fun Duct tape. 

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