Saturday, January 4, 2014

Top 10 Ebay Sales - 1/4/2014

We have two days left before we fly to Florida for a week. If you think about it, please pray for the trip. We have a three hour drive to Allentown, then a 3-ish hour flight to St. Petersburg and then an hour drive to the condo on Anna Maria Island. 

I am having trouble walking down the hall and all that sitting is not going to be fun. Honestly we would delay the trip but the flight is unable to be changed/cancelled.

And so...onto the Top 10 Ebay Sales for the week: 

1. New Laundry by Shelli Segal silk dress, sold for $26. I purchased this at the beginning of the week. I love when items are in and out that quickly. There were a few silk 'picks' which is why I priced it to sell.

2. Flax green polka dot top, sold for $28. I would sell Flax full-time if I could. I love it that much.

3. 1960's daisy print dress, sold for $26. For those that don't know, I purchased about 600 pieces of clothing from an ebay seller moving overseas in September. About 1/3 were vintage. These were items I would have never picked up since I don't "know" vintage and it is out of my comfort zone. However, they continue to sell and make me money.

4. Coldwater Creek 6-panel skirt, sold for $26 (this was a common number this week due to a sale I held). This had a ton of watchers for some reason.

5. Lauren Ralph Lauren floral cardigan. Purchased Monday, cleaned, shaved and listed on Wednesday, sold on Thursday for $30. 

6. Vtg 1950's dress I called "Farm Fresh Applique" and it sold for $35 with flaws. 

7. Anthropologie "Tabatha" brand dress, sold for $44. Tabitha doesn't have the regular Anthro. RN number of 66170 but it is still exclusive to Anthro. 

8. Vintage Clovis Ruffin dress, sold for $35. This was another dress that came from the lot I purchased in September. 

9. Donna Karan New York skirt with a small flaw, sold for $65. This also had a ton of watchers. Can I say how much I love my mannequin? I taped her leg a bit to give her more stability and you can see it in this photo. Love her!

10. Lauren Ralph Lauren sweater, sold on a best offer for $38. I had previously sold this sweater for closer to $50 and the buyer didn't pay.

I hope everyone is seeing more ebay sales this week now that the holidays are finished :)


  1. Wow! You had some great sales! Neat clothing...I don't know what to look for in womens clothing. I've never been a big fashion person so it's hard to know what sells! I will learn from bloggers like you...thank you! ~~Pam

  2. Thanks Pamela! Yes, it is a bit hard. You should download the ebay app. Then you can find the brand you see at the thrift on ebay and tell how well it is doing.

  3. Great Sales! Your really have an eye for "styling" your mannequin.
    I hope you have a great trip and your knee holds out for you!
    I have an ebay question for you. A buyer returned a pair of jeans because they were too big. I received back and refunded money~no problem. To get my fees back from eBay, I had to open up a resolution and then buyer has to agree so that I get my fees. Is this the only way to get the fees back? It has only been 1 day (a good 24 hrs) but have heard nothing. Looking back I was just wondering if this is the only way. I also read that when someone does not want an item they are to open up a resolution and I know that you do not have to do that, so I was just thinking I may not be handling this correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  4. Hi Holly, Thanks for the question. Here are a few thoughts.

    1. If someone sends something back without contacting you or ebay, you have a right to refuse it. Unauthorized returns void the buyer protection policy. However, I would call ebay if you receive something that was unauthorized. They may change the policy.

    2. The best way to get your fees back is to request a cancellation which you did. The buyer has a number of days to complete it. If they don't and they ignore it, it will automatically close in your favor. I believe this is 7 days but don't hold me to that ;)

    3. You can opt into managed returns. I don't know too much about this subject. I just did a quick search for "managed returns" on the ebay customer support page and there is a lot of information there. It looks like you would get your fees back automatically using this system.

    I hope that helps. I don't take returns so I don't know of a better way to do it. Thanks for asking though :)

  5. Thanks so much Mellissa for your response. It really helps!

    My buyer did contact me that she was returning and asked me how to go about it. But I was just wondering if she never accepts my request what would happen? Thanks for answering about that. I understand about you not accepting returns. I listed all the measurements but I don't think she took that into account. Returns for those reasons can be aggravating. I should change my policy & only accept returns if I list inaccurately.
    I hope your travels are going well!
    Thanks again,

  6. I think the only two choices for returns are to accept them for any reason or to advertise "no returns" like I do. Now if someone contacts me saying I missed something, I will refund them. But I don't advertise that.

    Thanks again Holly.


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