Friday, January 24, 2014

Meet my awesome (and single!) sister Lisa

Today I'm linking up with Kelly's Korners for Singles' Day 2014. 

I'm on the left and Lisa is on the right

Meet my sister Lisa! She is 30 years old and lives on eastern Long Island. She is a Christian and loves Jesus. She became a Christian when she was 10. Lisa has been involved in dance ministry in the past and loves to attend church. 

For many years she has worked in the irrigation field. What does that mean? She installs underground sprinkler systems. Yup! She digs holes and gets dirty. She has a great attitude and loves work.

Lisa, standing next to her work truck

She is my little sister and I love her. Lisa is one of the most giving people I know. She loves to cook and bake. She regularly makes baked goods to give away - to her library workers, the gym employees, friends and family. This past year I had to make hundreds of cupcakes for one of my church functions. Guess who came to the rescue and helped? Yup, Lisa did! 

Lisa lives on the eastern end of Long Island, New York. Unfortunately that means we currently live 7 hours away. But we have a blast anytime we get together. She loves playing games and laughing.

Sisters having fun at the Dollar Tree! Lisa is on the right in the brown coat.

Playing games over Thanksgiving, 2013. From left to right: me, our brother & Lisa (in the red t-shirt)

She loves walking, running and going to the gym. She regularly works out and I'm in awe of her arms. 

Lisa and our brother this past summer. 

It goes without saying that she is gorgeous - inside and out. 

She loves watching old movies at home but yet she has traveled to many places in the world. She loves country music and hanging out with friends. She is usually up for anything. And as her older sister, I have roped her into many things.

Lisa is one of the most well rounded people I know. 

At a country music concert this past summer. Lisa is in the middle.

Being silly at a store with my brother.

Duck pin bowling!
Modeling clothing for my mom's ebay store.

So....what is she looking for in a guy? 

A strong Christian guy who loves Jesus as much as she does. I think she needs a guy who isn't easily intimidated and has confidence. She needs someone who makes her laugh and shares her love of working out and helping others.

Please leave a comment below if you are interested in learning more. Thanks.

At the beach this past summer. Lisa on the right (the one without the sunglasses).

From left to right: Lisa, our brother & me (Lisa's sister)


  1. Wish I knew someone. It seems there is a shortage of Christian men on Long Island, or at least more women than men ;) My husband and I met at a Christian Coffee House on Long Island. It was seventeen years ago yesterday :)

  2. Thanks Theresa! Congratulations to you and your husband. What a fun story :)

  3. I live in Arkansas and, unfortunately, I know not a soul in Long Island (or anywhere even close to Long Island!) but I just felt led to leave a note of encouragement. Your sister is beautiful! Wishing her the best from the South!

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