Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Florida Photos

We took a break from winter and flew down to Anna Maria, FL for a week. I would highly recommend the area if you are looking for a quiet beach vacation. 

It was 75 degrees and sunny on our last vacation day. Too cold to swim but the hubby did take a quick plunge after working out. It was our 9th time on the island but only our first in the winter. 

We flew Allegiant Air which only allows for one free purse-sized carry on per person. And so we fit everything into two purses. It was a very fun challenge.

Our first day there was sunny and a bit chilly. Coquina Beach is one of our favorites.

My 6'6" hubby next to our tiny rental car. The Yaris is a very fun & zippy car.

Finally warm enough to sit on the beach. We even saw a dolphin!

My husband, the carrier of all our stuff.

We were blessed to be able to visit "our" island but coming home is always wonderful.

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  1. What a great vacation, Mellissa! Thankfully the weather was good that day. You were able to make the most out of your stay in Florida. Also, it’s a relief that you rented a car. Going to places you wanted to visit was made easier for all of you. And it looks like your husband enjoyed your fun and zippy car.

    Michaele @ PayLessCar.com


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