Thursday, January 16, 2014


Well...we got a puppy. I still cannot believe it. We aren't really "dog people". We aren't even pet people. I had a fish a few years ago. The fish died and I bawled. The end.

But it isn't the end. While on vacation in Florida this past summer, we looked at puppies for something fun to do.

Fast forward to Christmas. We were at a friends' party and they had an adorable small dog.

The hubby & I briefly discussed dogs and then dismissed the idea. Until three days ago.

We realized with my hurt knee (i.e. not ebaying as much) and us not going on vacation for atleast a few months, we had time. Time to train a puppy.

We started looking and fell in love with a puppy. On the boarder of Oklahoma and Missouri. Ha. That puppy was crossed off our list. We are definitely not the kind of people that fly across the country to pick up a dog (not yet anyway).

I literally googled "Maltese Breeders, PA" and we found a lady about 2 hours away. She said she had a 4-month old male puppy for sale. He was much cheaper than the other puppies due to his large size. Ready for this...he is 4 pounds and will get up to 7. Ummm...that is not large.

She emailed us some photos and we called her back telling her we would be out the next day.

Puppy photo from the breeder. 

And so we now have a puppy. We stopped at Wal-Mart and Pet Smart to pick up a ton of dog stuff. Our dog crate is coming from CA so we brought him home in a Rubbermaid bin with me sitting next to him petting him for 2 hours.

I may be biased but how cute is our new puppy?!?

All curled up, exhausted from all the excitement.

We have the laundry room all set up. But the dog is currently with me in the office. Because who can resist a 4 pound puppy?


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