Thursday, September 5, 2013

Catching Up

We drove back from FL this past weekend. We had our last ice cream cone of our vacation and enjoyed the splurge. 

We came home to this surprise...

Gifts & cards! We had a family from the Netherlands staying at our home while we were in FL. They left us a lovely blue & white windmill. A church family dropped off "Get Well" cards while we were gone and the Netherlands family displayed them with the gifts. I love gifts!  

We went to the hospital yesterday to get my pre-surgery registration & bloodwork done. My knee surgery is in 5 days and I am very excited. I've been walking with crutches and I am clearly too clumsy to do this for much longer. Also the pain medicine is making my head all fuzzy and I don't like it. 

I teach church on Sunday and the hubby is helping friends move. I'm looking forward to seeing my church family again :)

On the ebay front, I have to take photos from a chair and I am moving a bit slower but I am still listing. I just received an email congratulating me on my 2000th sale this year. Wow. That is a lot of clothing!

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