Monday, September 30, 2013

Where do you store 400 ebay items? (Basement photo overload)

Today's post is about our...dungeon/basement. Our house is about 1800 square feet. It is a modular home which was (thankfully) put on a full basement which is almost the same size as the house. We can park in our basement so it doubles as a garage.

I usually have about 350-450 items on ebay. That is a lot of clothing to store! I store it all in bins in the basement.

Our basement has come a long way but still has a long way to go. We would love to put in a ceiling, paint the walls white and I would love to paint and seal the cement floor. However, that may never happen.

All my bins are organized by type and the size. The racks came from Home Depot and are under $200 each.
The bins came from Wal-Mart and are about $4.39.

We have four storage racks and we use the rest of them for storing...stuff. Ha.
We have way too much stuff that needs to be stored. The open crates (which were given to me
and not stolen) hold towels for rags and painting.
Extra mailers, bubble wrap and boxes are kept here. Along with my hubby's
motorcycle helmet, basketball and music stuff. Ha.

Did you know you can get FREE priority supplies on Yup, I order 200 padded mailers at a time.

More stuff. Including some awesome vintage lights
I found at Goodwill a few months ago. I plan on re-donating or selling them soon
as I know I will never get to re-painting them. Clearly I cannot buy things just
because I love them.

My husband works out almost every day. Me...not so much. I have maybe used
our 'gym' about a dozen times in a dozen years.
The other side of our basement. See my Giselle exercise machine? I have
ALWAYS wanted one. Even when I was a teenager. My hubby found one on Craigslist for $20 or so.
I love it so much and actually use it (when I don't have a leg brace on!).

My hubby's motorcycle, our bikes and a ton of unlisted ebay stuff. I purchased
about 600-700 items from someone moving to Europe three weeks ago.
I have about half of it listed so far.

Unlisted shoes and a random guitar. I think the hubby owns 7 or 8. Most are
stores in the master bedroom. This one may be down here temporarily since
he played bass this weekend with the band.

Tire explosion! We have three vehicles and need studded winter tires for 2 of them.

So...the answer to the title is...the basement. I love the room it offers.

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  1. Looks great. We are looking into the husky/walmart bin combo ourselves. Love seeing others more organized than ourselves!

  2. Thanks Jonathon! I have been up to 600 items in the last month and the bin system is still working great :)


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