Monday, September 23, 2013

2 weeks after knee surgery

My knee is slowing healing after surgery almost two weeks ago. This was my third knee surgery. This time, I had a tear in my ACL and a 'frayed' meniscus that was flapping into the joint when I walked. The last surgery took 75% of my meniscus out and so the frayed part was in the small part that was left.

I didn't want to gross anyone out with photos during the first two weeks. But the swelling has gone down a bit and the bruising isn't as bad.

So here I go...

I can finally see my knee cap again! Ha.

I am half way through the 4 weeks of wearing this awful immobilizing brace. The doctor told me (again) today that I have to keep it on all day, every day. The doctor isn't my favorite person right now. I had taken it off for most of yesterday and it felt SO much better. I was using my crutches and wasn't putting weight on it yet. He told me I'm not allowed to do that though and so the brace is back on.

I'm still not allowed to drive. I am walking like a penguin. The brace is slowing me down and instead of listing my usual 50 items a day on ebay, I am down to about half of that.

In 2 weeks I get to take the brace off and I start therapy.

This should be my last surgery though so that is a happy thought! :)

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