Saturday, September 7, 2013

Recent Ebay Sales - 9/7/13

So I spoke to another ebayer this past week. She is starting up a charity that sells on ebay and wanted advice. I spoke to her for over a half hour and have been corresponding through emails. 

One of the questions she asked is why I don't sell higher designer names like Chanel and Pucci. Ummm...because my thrifts don't have those! My rural thrifts have brand names like Ann Taylor and Talbots. And so I pick those up. Once in awhile I find a 'woo-hoo' item but it is rare.

My average sale is about $20. My average cost at the thrift is $3.50. So my profit is about $15 on most of my items. Sure, I get some better sales (and some worse sales too!) but I stick to what I can buy and sell. 

One of my thrifts has a colored tag for 20 cents on Mondays. And so I will pick up anything that looks good and list it for $4.99. Many ebay sellers won't pick something up unless they can make "$25" on it. But I'm not one of those sellers. I can list 50 items a day. If I can make $3 per item, that is a profit of $150 a day and I will take that any day of the week! 

Here is a list of items that have sold this past week. All of them brought $20. 

1. Calvin Klein sz M knit dress. 

2. Fresh Produce sz 1X lightweight jacket. 

3. Ann Taylor sz 8 silk skirt. 

4. Ann Taylor LOFT sz 16 skirt.

5. Ralph Lauren sz 14 wool skirt. 

6. St. John Sport sz XS jacket. 

7. Talbots sz 16W skirt. 

8. Carmen Marc Valvo sz M gown. 

9. Ralph Lauren sz 3X career top with a small flaw.

And a few other items that went for slightly more: 

10. Talbots sz 8 plaid skirt, sold for $35. 

11. Vintage shantung dress, sold for $30. 

12. Soft Surroundings tunic, sold for $25. 

13. Voom dress, sold for $25.

14. I picked up a bunch of these from the Wal-Mart clearance aisle. They cost me $1 each (they would have been free had I remembered my coupons). My first one sold for $6.99. 


  1. I agree. I am an ebayer as well and dont find many high end names to sell. Ann Taylor and Talbots...and even Old Navy items can bring some cash. Let me ask you, do you always list fixed priced or do you sometimes do auction? Trying to figure out the best balance.

  2. Yes - even Old Navy sells okay! I almost always try auction first for my new stock (not new with tags but new to me) and see how they do. If they don't sell, then I list them in my store with a Fixed Price. Of course, ebay has promotions and sales a lot (most of which I am not invited too for some reason -ha!) so try and take advantage of those sales.


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