Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I am  having an outpatient surgery on my left knee today. This is the third surgery on my left knee in about a year in a half.

Please pray that the doctor can find the problem and fix it. Please pray I won't need a fourth surgery. 

I'm leaving for the hospital at 6:30am.

Thank you! 

UPDATE: I am back home. The surgery went well. The doctor cleaned up my knee and repaired a tear in the remaining meniscus. What was not expected is that I will have to wear an immobilizing knee brace. This means I will not be allowed to drive for four weeks. Thankfully I have awesome chauffeur/hubby. Ha. 



  1. Prayers for a seemless surgery and a quit recovery. xo

  2. Prayed for you and am still praying! Hope you are doing well! Love you.


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