Friday, May 3, 2013

My new favorite app

I am one of those people that wants recognition when I do something - especially something I don't want to do! My love language is "words of affirmation".

Exercising falls under the category of something I don't every want to do. It takes time, it is usually boring and I am usually exhausted when I am done. I have very little energy anyway so I am not keen on using my energy on something I hate. 



It is a free download for your cell phone. It is super easy to use. Once downloaded, you click "run" and then "start". 

It immediately starts to track your walking, biking, hiking or running. is the part that keeps me posts it to your Facebook account. 

If I know people are "watching" me on Facebook, I walk a bit faster and a bit longer. I am now accountable to something. Here is what it looks like on my Facebook account:

You can also log into their website to track your progress, see how many calories you burned and do a bunch of other things. 

   And another view. 

Love it!

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