Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just blogging...

I just realized I hadn't posted in awhile. 

My father-in-law is back in the hospital. He has been having trouble breathing and so the hubby took him into the ER yesterday. They admitted him and will keep him for a few days while they run tests. 


I have also been catching up on my veggie resolution. I have tried...

Week 11: mushroom - actually not that bad. It kind of tasted like dirt. LOL. 

Week 12: chick pea - I'm not sure this is a veggie but I tried it. And didn't like it.
Week 12: grapefruit - even with a ton of sugar this is kind of sour and gross.
Week 13: cantaloupe - not too bad. I think I have tried this before but it wasn't something I ate regularly.
Week 14: tomato - why would someone eat these? It would ruin the salad or sandwich. 
Week 15: honey dew - not something I would ever eat again but it wasn't terrible. 
Week 16: pear - I forget which variety. It was kind of grainy. Not my favorite fruit by far. 
Week 17: fig - I'm also not a fig fan. 
Week 18: squash. I had this dried and salted. It wasn't that bad. I may eat this again if I can find them dried & salted. But honestly it just tasted like salt (which I love). 

I am still a few weeks behind but I am running out of fruits and veggies at my grocery store. I need to visit a fruit stand soon.


I had some blood work done last week. My levels are looking good. Just my iron is ever-so-slightly low but nothing the doctor was concerned about. 


I have been walking more often. My knee is still bothering me on and off. I had two knee surgeries last year for those that didn't know. I take Advil and it usually helps. 

I also just purchased a Tony Little Gazelle from someone on Craigslist. It was barely used if at all. My hubby offered the seller $20 and he took it! This retails for $200 on their website. I have been using it since Sunday. It is super fun - kind of like a new toy for me. 


Tomorrow I am making 4 dozen sugar cookies and 4 dozen cupcakes for our church's woman's tea on Saturday. 

I am going although I don't like tea. They are going to have punch (and I will probably just drink water). It should be a good time to mingle with a few of the church ladies and two of my church best friends are going to be there. 

I will post photos of the cookies & cupcakes tomorrow. 


Well...that is all. You are all caught up in my (super boring) life. LOL. 

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