Friday, May 10, 2013

Recent Ebay Sales - 5/10/13

Ebay started this new thing on May 1, 2013. All non-store sellers get 50 free listings a month. Basic store sellers get 150 free listings and premium store sellers get 500 free listings. 

I have a premium store (the cost is about $50/month) and so I get 500 free listings a month. I'm pretty excited about this. Usually all my items are listed as a 'fixed price' which means there is no bidding. If the person wants the item, they can buy it immediately. 

I didn't realize how much I missed auctions. They are a lot of fun and I had a few items go for more than I would have listed them for as a fixed price. 

1. Calvin Klein striped jersey dress, sold for $20. 

2. Bose speakers, sold for $60. These had a crack in one of the speakers which is why they didn't bring more. 

3. Talbots light blue linen dress, sold for $30. 

4. Ralph Lauren embroidered mini skirt, sold for $38.90 with four bids! I would have listed this for under $30 so I was pretty excited for the extra cash. 

5. "346" by Brooks Brothers madras plaid dress, sold for $47.22 with sixteen bids. Somebody really wanted this dress! I would have listed this for about $25 if I didn't get those free listings. 

6. Crocs black ballet shoes, sold for $21.50. I purchased these off the Crocs website a few weeks ago for $15 plus free shipping. I was going to keep them and then I realized I had quite a few black ballet shoes. I love when I make a bit of a profit on something like that! 

7. Vera Bradley cosmetic trio set, sold for $20 within hours of listing. I got this for FREE off the VB website last week. If you purchased over a certain amount (I think it was $100?), you got them for free. I'm going to sell the other items I purchased since I got most at a fantastic deal. 

8. Tahari black velvet dress, sold for $25. 

9. Talbots wool skirt, sold for $20 within two days of listing. 

10. Ralph Lauren navy blue jump suit, sold for $56. 

11. Anthropologie "Gregory" brand vest, sold for $20. I purchased two of these off the Anthro website for less than $10 a piece. I made about $8 on this piece. Not a lot but enough to pay for two t-shirts from Anthro which I kept ;) 

12. Banana Republic silk wrap dress, sold for $23. 

13. Talbots silk butterfly print skirt, sold for $30. 

14. Brighton bird necklace, sold for $35. I purchased this necklace from a thrift shop in New York about 6 years ago and I paid around $5 for it. I wore it several hundred times since then and I was ready to let it go. 

15. Sterling Silver lily pad ring, sold for $20. I got this one from T.J. Maxx a few years ago for $10 on clearance. Again, I wore it and was tired of it. 

16. 10K white gold ring, sold for $60. My hubby purchased this for me and I have no idea what he paid. I wore it just a few times and it was just sitting around. 

17. Talbots knit blazer/jacket, sold for $29. 

18. Calvin Klein jersey dress, sold for $24. 

This last item is still on ebay and it ends tonight. Right now there is a bid of $34.99. I sell mostly woman's clothing and shoes. I can go up and down the aisles at the thrifts all day and know what sells. 

Occasionally I find something that is out of my comfort zone. This was one of those items. It is a wood nursing stool. Ummm...what? LOL. 

So I whipped out my phone and used the ebay app. Goodwill wanted $4.99 for it. I saw they were selling for a lot more and purchased it. 

It was super easy to list since it was new in the box. And so I'm going to make an easy $25 or so. Awesome!

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