Friday, April 26, 2013

My week

On Wednesday I had a friend come over to bake cupcakes. She is a mom of 5 and she brought three of her children with her. Two of them were 4-year old twins.

We had a blast. We made 90 cupcakes plus 90 little star sugar cookies to put on top of those cupcakes. Did I take photos of the cupcakes? Nope. I completely forgot in all the craziness.

But, I did get a photo of my sink afterwards.

And the cookie dough left over on the table.

Look at all the sprinkles the twins used...on the same cookie. Ha! 

We had a blast. 

Today I have a doctor's appointment to check my blood levels. I have been super tired lately - even after sleeping 12+ hours. I'm assuming my iron is low but we will see. 

And I have been busy listing on ebay. Of course.

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