Friday, April 12, 2013

More Grand Cayman Photos

We are on day 4 of our 8 day vacation in Grand Cayman. We are staying on Seven Mile Beach. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous - low 90's and sunny. The water is just a bit too cold for my husband's liking but we are swimming and floating every day. 

Tomorrow we switch hotels. We are at the Comfort Suites right now and we are moving next door to the Marriott. We won an ebay charity auction which included the flight tickets and 4 days at the Marriott. Since we wanted to extend our vacation but not go broke, we decided to rent a cheaper hotel first (Comfort Suites). They are literally next door to each other and they share the same beach. We saved at least $200 a night by doing this. Crazy. 

See the yellow floats? The hotels provide them and they are anchored. We have used them almost every day. We love free stuff! The man wearing the back pack and flying high above the water was very entertaining. This photo was taken when the sun was behind the clouds in the evening and so the water doesn't appear to be turquoise - but it is!

My husband heard a 'squeak squeak' sound and noticed this large lizard-thing crawling up our window. We are on the third floor. He was quite creepy. Thankfully he decided to move on quickly.

Taken today around noon. Isn't it gorgeous? The dark spots are coral reefs. There are beautiful fish that swim amongst them. They are about waist deep so it is easy to walk over to them and just look at the fish.

Another photo I snapped today. The water is super clear.

Yet another lizard. Thankfully they are more scared of humans than we are of them.

We decided to rent a car for Sunday & Monday and explore the island a bit more. This is going to be our big "splurge" on the trip. LOL. It cost us $30 a day to rent.

We have been eating the free buffet breakfast, granola bars and soup we had brought with us and went to the grocery store twice. It is expensive here on Grand Cayman. Just to give you an idea of the crazy prices - a loaf of bread is $8 and the cheapest can of soup is $3. I'm so glad we packed plenty of snacks!


  1. Looks like so much fun! It is beautiful. Can't believe how empty the beach is!

  2. Thanks Rach! The beach has been fairly empty. I think it gets more crowded as the kids get out from school in May/June.


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