Monday, April 15, 2013

Last Day in Grand Cayman

Today is day 7 of our vacation and it is our last full day. We leave for the airport tomorrow morning. 

We rented a car yesterday and I'm so glad we did. We have been staying at Comfort Suites & then the Marriott on Seven Mile Beach. It is a lovely beach but it is a bit crowded. 

Yesterday we drove along the coast and up to the north side of the island to a place called Rum Point. The photos say it all but the water was some of the clearest we have ever seen. We walked past where the small boats docked and the water was still up to our waist. We are headed back there today. 

Rum Point Beach

Rum Point Beach

There were free beach chairs set up on the beach! All the beaches are free to the public and all the parking is free. 

 See the white boat on the left of this next photo? We walked past that boat and the water was still just as clear and only up to our waist. While we were floating around, three sting ray came over to see if we had any food for them. Sadly we didn't and they swam slowly away. 

There are excursions which are quite expensive that take you to feed the sting ray. But we got to see them for free.  
The pier at Rum Point.

The smaller boats come into the swallow water and throw out their anchors. Then the owners swim ashore and hang out.
A panoramic shot of Rum Point. This was one of the nicest beaches we have ever been to.

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