Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New eBay Finds

On the way home from our trip to new states, we stopped at one of my favorite thrift stores. We were about 1/2 hour from it and made a trip there. It was well worth it!

I found an Ann Taylor cardigan in yellow & gray for me and a few things for our home.

In addition, I found a few things for ebay. Most of them new with tags which means I don't have to wash them! Yeah!

Here is a sampling of some items I purchased today.

1. J. Crew polka dot dress, new with tags. This dress is a rare one from a 2007 line. J. Crew marks all their items on the label with the year so this makes it easy to find a particular item. It is a size 8 and it should do well. A few have sold for about $50 but I plan on marking mine higher. It is new with the original tag and it is a good size. Plus it has long sleeves which is great for the upcoming autumn season.

2. Odille skirt. Odille is an Anthropologie house brand which means you can only find it at Anthropologie. This skirt is one of my favorites. I couldn't find another like it on ebay. It is a flared skirt with lots of floral applique and embroidery. If it was a size smaller, I may have kept it. It is good it isn't my size since I truly don't need another skirt!

3. Robert Graham shirt, new with tags. Robert Graham does funky tops for men and women. This one is more plain but it should bring around $25-$30 since it is new. I love the sleeve cuffs that show a different material.

4. Two different Ann Taylor dresses, both of which are kind of appropriate for summer or autumn depending on the accessories. Each should do fairly well - around $30 or so.

I cannot decide if I want to shop again tomorrow or if I'd rather relax at home. Thankfully the house is clean and all the vacation clothing has already been washed and put away.

The hubby and I will be watching a movie from Netflix tonight and I will make pork for dinner. Nothing fancy but something simple on the grill.

I will continue to post my ebay finds as I shop this week and next.

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