Friday, September 2, 2011

Last ebay update before vacation

So I had purchased one last Nintendo Wii lot on ebay a couple of weeks ago. This is the last Wii I needed so almost every TV in our home would be able to get Netflix through the Wii.

The first Wii I purchased on Craigslist and got it for $60. The second Wii I purchased came from a lot on ebay. I sold the rest of the lot for almost exactly what I purchased the entire lot for and kept the Wii console, one game and remote for FREE. This last Wii was also an ebay purchase. I paid $130 for the lot. I listed the games & remotes on ebay and planned on keeping the Wii console for a third TV.

Yesterday and today the games ended. I sold them for $135.00 before ebay fees. After ebay fees I sold them for about $120. This means I paid just $10 for the console! And two Wii nunchucks did not sell. I am going to try them for a second go-around when we are back from vacation in October.

So that means I purchased two Wii consoles, two remotes, two nunchucks and two games (plus 3 more that were on the Wii console and I couldn't sell) for only $10! How awesome is that!?!

Also sold this week on ebay was:

-A vintage Lanz dress I completely loved and probably will regret selling. I just wouldn't have any place to wear it. It sold for $24.99 and I paid $2.50 for it. It was an end of season find for me. If I would have waited until next spring, I may have gotten more for it. Here is a photo for the sweetheart neckline.

-An ESCADA Elements skirt for $19.99. I think I paid $2.99 for this since it was full price. It was a faux fur and a tiny size. Escada is a well known brand name but for some reason it doesn't have a following on ebay. Sometimes I just don't even bother with the brand.

-CITIKNITS poncho in a size 3X. Citiknits is a QVC brand that has a following in larger sizes. It sold for $14.99 and I paid 99 cents for it. This was a quick turn around. I purchased it a week ago and it sold yesterday.

-J CREW halter dress in a pretty gray & white floral. This sold for $19.99 and I paid $4.99 for it. Again, I probably should have held it until next year (if I had space, which I don't).

-2 shower heads that for some reason our electric company sent us for free. We have rain shower heads that are wonderful & adjustable and didn't need these. They brought us $4.99 each. Not a "woo-hoo" but $9.98 is more than throwing them out. The electric company also sent us a bunch of surge protectors which will wind up on ebay one of these days.

We are back to work and am enjoying the challenge of learning another 100 names (we had a total of 150 and memorized 50 names the first week).

I am excited for our vacation next Friday and so thankful that we are not there now since Gulf Shores, AL is getting slammed with storms and flooding. Hopefully by Saturday it will calm down and we can enjoy the beach (and shopping!).

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  1. Oh, man, this brings me back. I used to buy Gymboree blankets on sale and sell them later for a huge profit.


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