Monday, September 26, 2011

The $7.99 purse, my perfect oufit and ebay finds of the last week

I visited TJ Maxx in search of the perfect light gray purse. Since I go thrift shopping so much and buy some of it for me, I don't often have to look for one item. It is hard!

My TJ Maxx has about 6 rows of purses and they are thankfully organized by color. I got to the gray & silver section and started picking up the bags. I fell in love with a Kate Spade silver purse that was totally unpractical and was around $150. Yeah, that was not my perfect bag. I continued down the row and found something that might work. I was hesitant about looking at the purse but when I saw it my jaw dropped. It was just $7.99! It wasn't on clearance and obviously it was not real leather but it was great for what I needed.

When I took it up to the register the cashier said "No way!" in disbelief of the price as well. And then she looked at me funny. Like I would have switched the tag? I said "I know" and paid for the purse. Here is a photo:

This purse was the piece that now completes my favorite outfit.

This top I purchased on ebay for $12.50 with free shipping. It is from Banana Republic and has the grays and purples I love for autumn.

And just this past week at the thrift I found this Talbots purple sweater jacket for $3.99. It was brand new and fits me like it was made for me. The inside is lined with flowers.

I already had two pairs of shoes that would work with these pieces. A gray pair that I found at a thrift for $7.99 and a pair of purple loafers from Coach but purchased at TJ Maxx on clearance for $29 last season.

I wore the Banana Republic top, the Talbots jacket, the purple Coach shoes and a pair of jeans to church yesterday with the following nail polish:

Love it!


On the ebay front, I spent three days this past week shopping at the local thrift stores. I found some great things which included:

-St. John (not St. John's Bay) Collection gray pants. These are called a "Santana knit" and St. John is famous for their Santana yarn. I priced these at $99 and hopefully they will sell for that!


-St John Collection black skirt. I am thinking the same person donated both the pants and skirt since they were the same size. I looked & looked for more St. John pieces but these were the only two I came up with. I priced it at $65.


-My FIRST Eskandar sweater. Never heard of this name? You are not alone. Eskandar is a higher end boutique type name that has comfortable and oversized pieces that retail for $500-$1500. I priced this for $149 and I already have 7 watchers. Here is the sweater:


-A replica Bella Swan Twilight dress that Bella wore for her birthday in one of the movies. I was pretty surprised when I found this since the dress is fairly collectible and the young girls love these dresses. And they are hard to find. Some have sold for around $80-$120.


-I also found two Talbots dresses, a Cabi jacket, Nike Zoom authentic Lebron James sneakers, Under Armour top, two Ann Taylor suits, a Victoria Secret's suit, two bathing suits - one by Carol Wior that was new with tags, a J. Crew cardigan, a Talbots shell & jacket set -both new with tags and a bunch of other stuff.

-I have started to list my winter items as well. Last year I found a vintage Wrangler Wrange jacket which I listed and should sell for $40-$50. I also had saved a Hollister jacket and a few other heavier items for the cooler weather. Now that it is autumn, I am listing those items.


  1. You need to be a personal shopper or one of those tv show hosts that do outfits for $24.99 or less! I love it!

  2. I love that green dress! It's very vintage looking and I love vintage. Beautiful finds!

  3. You find the best sales!! Love it


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