Thursday, September 8, 2011

The day after the hospital

My fever broke! I had a low grade fever of about 100 degrees yesterday after getting discharged from the hospital. I had it for most of the night and sometime around 2am, it broke. I was drenched in sweat and woke up smiling. Cannot get much better than 98.6!

This morning my stomach has been very sick. I haven't really had anything to eat in about four days and yet I have gained 5 lbs. My husband said it is from fluids. Hopefully I back to a lower weight soon.

Tomorrow we leave for our last vacation of this year. A three-week trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama. My husband is leaving the decision up to me and as long as my stomach behaves I want to go!

Today I will be packing. My schedule looks like this: nap, pack, eat a bit of something and try to keep it down, nap. Repeat. Ha!

I have become a self professed expert packer and I have all three weeks of packing in one suitcase with plenty of room to spare. My suitcase is mostly full of books since I read about 1 book a day while on vacation. I love to read!

In addition to my suitcase I always take my own pillow with a pillow case my sister made for me and a fuzzy brown blanket that my cousin gave me for Christmas a few years back.

I am trying to talk myself into getting in the shower. I already scrubbed most of the sticky marks off my arms that were left over from the IV bandages. Since I wasn't allowed to eat or drink while in the hospital they had a hard time finding a vein. I lost count of the times I was stuck but it was around a dozen times over 3 days. I am starting to get beautiful bruising on my forearms.

Okay, I have to stop procrastinating and go shower. I can do it, I can do it!


  1. So thankful you are feeling better. Get as much rest as you can and enjoy your vacation!
    I love your pillowcase with the bee- your sister is so talented!
    And I love that you read a book a day.
    Sounds like heaven.
    Praying you continue to feel better.

  2. Hope you continue to feel better, and that you have a great vacation.

    Following from the blog hop!


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