Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cake Decorating...Awesome Blog

I was just 14 when I started to work. I know most people have horror stories about their first job but mine was wonderful. I would still love to work there if I could but alas I need actual money these days to pay actual bills.

It was at an ice cream shop in New York. The shop was well known in the area and literally had lines that wrapped around the outside of the building on a summer's night. I still go there to get the best-est ice cream in the entire world when my husband & I visit my family in New York. And we both get the same flavor - chocolate overdose. It is made with a rich chocolate ice cream base and added to the ice cream is: chocolate brownies, hot fudge and chocolate chips. Yum!

(Want to see a video of my boss and the owner of the ice cream store? I'm so glad you asked. . .)

I worked there until college and then a summer or two when I was back from school. You would think I would be sick of ice cream but I still love it! During my time there I probably made thousands of cones and shakes but my favorite thing to do was decorate cakes.

Whatever someone wanted drawn on a cake, I would do my best to do it. I wish I had photos from my earlier cakes - it would be funny to see how awful they looked. (Would you let a 14 year old decorate cakes?!?)

After my husband & I married 9 years ago I took a job at a local grocery store as a cake decorator. Again, I loved it. I am an absolute terrible cook but I love to cake.

When I ran across this blog I am about to post, it made tears of laughter roll down my face. I still look at it a few times a week. it is. One of my very favorite blogs.

On Sundays they put up the amazing over-the-top cakes that I would never be able to do in a million years. But they make my fingers itch for a cake decorating bag.

So there you go, one of my favorite blogs. Other favorites can be found on my side bar. I finally learned how to do that - yeah!

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