Monday, May 12, 2014

Cell Phone Photo Uploads

I finally got some of the photos off my phone and my hubby's phone and thought I would share them. 

My spring jacket which I got at Goodwill a few years ago.

Sitting at the doctor's. What else is new?
I just realized this "Life is good" sweatshirt also came from Goodwill.

Hammock shopping after visiting my father-in-law at the hospital.

I am thankful that so many shops have wheelchairs.
Yup, another Goodwill top.

No make-up! Can I say how much I love sock buns?
They make doing my hair so easy.

My husband's uncle passed away this week. We had the viewing on Friday
and the service on Saturday. I'm so thankful for easy dresses.
I purchased this one for $4.99 at Goodwill.
I love that we live in a place that has Amish. This buggy was  parked at Wal-Mart last week.
My knee swells above the knee cap on the outside. See that shaded part? 
This week also included my knee breaking out which is common with RSD. 

I had pinned a similar leather bow barrette on Etsy for $15 last week.
Goodwill had real leather skirts for less than $2 and I
was able to recreate the look for a lot less. 

I snapped this funny photo of my giant husband's arm next to mine.

There is a great assisted living home just 20 minutes from where we live. My father-in-law Dean is 88 years old and has a bunch of health issues. He is in the hospital with pneumonia right now. He went in the day his brother passed away and came out of the same section of the hospital.

My husband and I made another trip to pick out two specific rooms to show him when he gets out of the hospital (hopefully this week). Both are brand new studio apartments with private bathrooms. He can bring his own furniture and truly customize the space. 

Dean knows we found a place and he promised to go for a tour when he gets out of the hospital. But he doesn't know this is definitely happening sooner rather than later.

Apartment #1: One of the studio apartments has Oak cabinetry and a built in desk area.
Apartment #1: The one with the oak cabinetry has a dresser which is nice.
Apartment #1: We will be replacing the chair with Dean's lift chair but
will probably keep most of the other furniture. 

Apartment #2: This studio apartment has white cabinetry.
However, the fridge is on the floor which may not work for Dean.
Plus there is no built-in desk area.
Apartment #2: Since there is no built-in desk area, there is a small table.
Again, the chair will come out if he picks this apartment and we will
replace it with his lift chair.

Apartment #2: This one has the TV on the wall and it has an extra closet.

Which will he choose? We shall see. We really wanted to give him options and make it feel like he could have a choice. This next stage of our lives will be busy. We have to get him settled at the assisted living home, I have a spinal stimulator trial at the beginning of June and we will have to get Dean's house ready to sell. 

This week was tough and I'm honestly glad it is over. Along with the viewing, funeral and all the hospital visits (we go up every day to visit Dean), I have had quite a bit of pain. I use a wheelchair almost any time I go out of the house. In fact, I am going to say my pain is back in full force. It calmed a bit after the Calmare treatment. If we had the time, I would go back to NJ and try again before the trial in June. However, we truly cannot leave Dean at the hospital right now. 

Yesterday I did something that was really tough for me. I resigned from teaching children's church. Our church just went to two services and I was teaching both atleast once or twice a month. It is just too much right now. I can jump back into teaching if my RSD goes into remission or if the stimulator works.

I am hoping this week is a bit calmer and I have more time to rest.


  1. You are ADORABLE in your Spring jacket! With all that you are going through, you still manage to sound very positive. I don't know where you get your energy! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your husband as you take this new journey with Dean in his sunset years - bless him! And thanks for continuing to post about your ebay sales - so very interesting to see what is selling. I hope you have a chance to catch your breath for a bit this weekend!

  2. Thanks Rie. I love, love, love that jacket. It was a Goodwill find which makes me love it even more. Thanks for the prayers & positive thoughts.

    I am thankful when I have energy. I loved the term "sunset years" and I plan on stealing it ;) I had never heard that phrase before.


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