Saturday, May 24, 2014

Catch up

On Thursday I went up to the assisted living community to visit with my father-in-law. Dean and I enjoyed the open house and we both were gifted with potted flowers. Even though it was only one hour since Dean ate BBQ ribs at lunch, he enjoyed a hot dog and fruit that they were serving at the open house. We then went outside for a bit. It was a gorgeous day!

We went back upstairs and attended the ice cream social. Fun! The community has a lot of activities and he is adjusting better than expected.

Dean is getting a lot of attention from the nurses there. They love his nick name and call out "Dean-O" when he walks down the hall. He even asked me to order a special silver shampoo because he is being complimented on his nice hair. Ha. I bought him the shampoo, new clothing and a bunch of new stuff for his new apartment. 

I wish I would have taken photos but I will try to remember when I go up today. I promised Dean we would go out to eat. We are thinking Dairy Queen would be a fun change. If he feels up to it, we may walk around Goodwill or Wal-Mart.

Yesterday I finished up a big project. 

I bought 45 different cards and hand addressed them all to Dean. I then put stamps on them (not shown) and paper clipped a little paper that explained what we were doing. 

He gets mail delivered to his apartment and I wanted him to get a bunch of mail this next week. We asked my husband's uncle and aunt to bring them to church Sunday and hand them out to Dean's family and friends. 


  1. You are such a great DIL. God Bless you!!!

  2. I have a great FIL and so it is easy to spoil him :) Thanks though!

  3. I love the mail idea! Im sure he will be so happy to receive them!

  4. What a precious, thoughtful thing to do. I'll have to remember that idea for sick friends, co-workers, etc.


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