Thursday, November 7, 2013

Top 10 Ebay Sales - 11/7/13

Here is my "Top 10" from the last few days: 

1. Ralph Lauren men's sweater, sold for $76.

2. St. John Collection pink pants, sold for $100. 

3. Vintage "Gunne Sax" by Jessica McClintock gown, sold for $36. 

4. Ralph Lauren hand knit sweater, sold for $55. Sold to a buyer in France. 

5. Vintage Induyco of Spain men's corduroy blazer, sold for $81. 

6. Quacker Factory Christmas sweater, sold for $36. I did not market this as an "ugly" sweater since it was fairly simple.

7. St. John Basics black skirt, sold for $70. 

8. Citiknits is a QVC brand. You can look up the style number (it starts with an "A" on the label) on the QVC website and it will tell you the original information. I sold two of these Citiknits sets this week, each brought $40. Here is one of the sets:

9. Inis Crafts wool Irish knit sweater, sold for $35. 

10. Diane Fres dress, sold for $32. Diane Fres is one of those brands I always pick up. I don't think they are the prettiest items but they usually sell for $25 or more. 


  1. Great sales!! Definitely will be adding some of those brands to be on the lookout for. Thanks!

  2. Great sales Mellissa! That Induyco blazer is kinda nice, I would buy it but the color is nice haha


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