Friday, November 8, 2013

My Influenster Box featuring Dr. Scholl's For Her Cozy Cushions

I am part of It is a free sample program. They send you stuff to try and then you take part in a survey. If you post on Facebook, Twitter or a Blog, you could get more products.

If you want to be invited, I can send you an invite. I just need your email. There is no spam and I don't get anything from the invite. 

This summer I got free deodorant and Slim-Fast. Two weeks ago, I got a large box in the mail.

I immediately ate the Lindt chocolate. Yum! I adore chocolate and usually don't have it due to my stupid milk allergy. But it was SO worth it. The chocolate literally melts in your mouth. Thankfully there was only one in the package. 


The other edible product was a BelVita breakfast biscuit pack. I put off trying these for atleast a few days. I really didn't want to eat them. I finally "forced" myself and found out...I loved them! They don't have any milk products which is awesome. You get four thin cookies and they are yummy. I plan on buying these instead of granola bars for my breakfast. They are usually in the cookie/cracker aisle.

I received two make-up products. The Kiss gradation polish is actually three polishes that you apply to create an ombre design. I haven't yet tried this. I normally don't wear polish on my fingers. I plan on using it towards the holidays though. 

The other beauty product was mascara. I've never tried Rimmel's mascara. I adore Maybelline's Lash Stilleto Ultimate Length. I have tried others but nothing has beat it. 

But, I tried this product and my lashes were super long. In fact, they were too long. I looked quite scary and the lashes bothered me. This one was a "no" for me. If you have short eye lashes, this may work for you. It didn't clump which was good.

Next up was the Dr. Scholls Cozy Cushions Insoles. They would be awesome in boots. I don't have boots. (Why don't I have boots?!?) I may pass these along to someone who wears boots. They are super soft & furry. I'd imagine they will help keep your feet warm!

Lastly was a lotion which supposedly smells like lavender chamomile. I smell Christmas. I'm not sure why. I loved the scent and went around the first day saying "something smells like Christmas". It was me. Haha. 

I would buy this. It isn't super expensive ($8) and the cream goes on thick. This bottle should last me atleast a few months. 

So....that was my box! 

Here was the card they included: 

I received all these product complimentary from Influenster! Thanks Influenster :)


  1. Melissa - I just need your email. You can post it here or email it to me privately.

    My email is: fbc (at) inbox (dot) com

    I have two more invitations.

  2. Cool concept, it would be nice if they had male products. Maybe they do...?

  3. I think they do have a male box. I am happy to invite you - I have a special "male invite" which no one has used. I just need your email. Feel free to send it to me:

    fbc (at) inbox (dot) com


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