Friday, November 1, 2013

Top 10 Ebay Sales - 10/1/13

It has been an up & down kind of week. Sunday night we took my father-in-law to the ER. He is fine and just has a bad bruise on his arm. 

I felt AMAZING on Monday. knee caused me no pain. This is the first time in months. I went minutes without thinking about my knee. I went thrifting and picked up over a hundred items. 

Tuesday I went to physical therapy. And then I couldn't walk for awhile. Is therapy suppose to leave you in pain? I'm not sure. I listed 50 items on Tuesday. 

Wednesday was bad. My knee was worse than it has been in awhile. I managed to list 25 items but just barely. 

Yesterday the hubby & I volunteered at our church fall outreach. I sat most of the night but it was fun to see all the kids dressed up. Our church is amazing. 

The hubby helps dry dishes at our church.

We invited the neighborhood to stop by and eat pizza while they are trick-or-treating.
So much fun!

This morning I have a friend coming over with her five children and we are doing crafts. She is one of those friends who wears sweat pants and no make-up when she visits. Can I say how much I love this?!? Plus, I seriously adore her kids. I teach three of them in my children's church class.

Ebay has been a bit slower this week than last and I am thankful for it. Last week was nuts! 

Here are my top 10 sales: 

1. Longitude swimsuit, sold for $25 within hours of listing. 

2. RP by Rachel Pally jersey dress, sold for $27. I had to re-list this due to a buyer not paying the first time. And it sold for a few dollars more!

3. 1950's Mohair sweater, sold for $53. 

4. L. L. Bean long jacket, sold for $45. 

5. Vtg L. L. Bean wool men's jacket, sold for $40. 

6. CAbi tweed jacket, sold for $40. I love finding CAbi! Each item has a style number on the label. I do a search for the style number on Google or ebay and the actual name of the item comes up. It makes it so easy to list.

7. Geiger long floral skirt, sold for $35. 

8. Geiger long fruit print skirt, sold for $35. The same buyer purchased both. I purchased each of these for a bit more than usual - $6 a piece. I love shopping at this particular thrift. All the workers are volunteers and the money goes right back into the community. 

9. Tahari suit, sold for $35. 

10. Chico's gray jacket, sold for $30. 

And a bonus listing which still has 6 hours to go. This Ralph Lauren men's sweater is up to $63!


  1. Great sales! Glad your knee is feeling better. I reached my selling goal plus a lot more. Great month!

  2. Congratulations Adley! Your listings look great :)


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