Monday, November 4, 2013

My Ebay Office

I have a new area in my office where I take my photos. I wanted to share it with my ebay readers.

My office is small - about 12.5' x 10'. And there is a lot I need to fit in that room!

I got the curtain rod on clearance for $5 and the white back drop came from Jo-Anns and cost $14.

The lights are from Home Depot and they are hung on IV poles!

And here are two of the finished photos.


  1. Very nice and organized! I use my son's room and he always has toys everywhere lol. It's a work in progress (don't judge me) haha

  2. Haha. I have been taking photos in my guest bedroom. You take photos wherever you can! I understand that :)

  3. Love it... I have to know how you obtained your iv poles? We recently moved so I am slowly trying to get my area set up, for now I take most pictures in my bedroom.

  4. Hi Penny! My husband searched high & low and found these were the absolute cheapest. Of course you could probably find them at a thrift but I wanted them sooner rather than in five years. LOL.

    Here is the website for the IV poles if anyone is interested:

    There is a 10% coupon code: MISSYOU10

  5. You are awesome--love love love your set-up!!


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