Saturday, December 8, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales - 12/8/12

Well, day 2 of going vegan is just about finished. I am doing well and haven't had any meat nor animal product in two days. Ha! I cannot imagine I am not going to gain weight from trying this for a month. I use to eat grilled chicken with BBQ sauce (about 150 calories). I now eat wheat pasta and sauce (about 400 calories). is what has been selling on ebay.

1. Escada silk blouse, sold for $27.

2. Vintage Laura Ashley blue floral dress, sold for $24. Laura Ashley floral dresses are a decent seller on ebay. Look for the ones made in Great Britain.

3. Vintage 80% angora sweater, sold for $39. Angora sweaters usually bring $20 and up on ebay. Look for the ones with more than 60%. The fuzzier the better!

4. Peruvian Connection long skirt, sold for $35. This is a great brand to re-sell. I once sold a lot of 3 t-shirts for over $70.

5. Talbots linen dress, sold for $17.

6. BCBG white eyelet dress, sold for $35. Sold within hours of listing!

7. Woolrich "blanket" jacket, sold for $45.

8. Sterling Silver charm bracelet. This was my own personal bracelet. I never wore it and it seemed silly just to collect something so I could say I collect something. Ha! It sold for $202.

9. Judith Hart red skirt, sold for $23. I had this listed for under $15 for weeks and it wasn't touched. Then my sale ended and it went back up to $22.99. It then sold. Gotta love the random-ness of ebay!

10. Talbots pima cotton sweater, sold for $25. 

11. Chico's Travelers gaucho pants, sold for $25. 

12. Boden gray floral dress, sold for $33. 

13. Laura Ashley floral dress, sold for $27. 

14. Flax overalls, sold for $27. Sold within hours of listing

15-25. About a week ago I was at a thrift I usually don't frequent. It isn't a great thrift and I normally don't find anything there. But I was in the area and stopped in. They were putting out a TON of Flax pieces. I gathered them all and I think there were about two dozen. I got most for $2-$3 and a few I paid full price ($5!). 

They sold for $15-$30 a piece and were super easy to wash, dry and list. Most had atleast wash wear and pilling but some even had stains and marks. For about 2 hours of work, I made $250. I wish I could do that every day!

26. H&M sparkle dress with little ruffles, sold for $30. If this dress wasn't so itchy on my skin, I would have totally kept it!

27. Talbots wool long skirt, sold for $25. 

28. Yet another Laura Ashley dress, sold for $35. 

29. Anthropologie's brand "Saturday Sunday" lounge pants, sold for $22

30. Alberto Makali crinkle top, sold for $22. 

31. Coldwater Creek skirt, sold for $20. This may have been another keeper for me if it was my size. Thankfully it wasn't since I don't need a skirt. I already own one and never get the chance to wear it.

32. Eddie Bauer velvet dress, sold for $39. The size (XXL) helped this sell for a bit more than usual. 

33. J. Crew white halter dress, sold for $30. 

34. J. Jill "sweatshirt" dress, sold for $20. Sold within hours which surprised me because this was a tiny size (XS).  

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