Monday, December 10, 2012

Little Miss Matched SALE

I normally don't post about sales or coupons. My blog is more to journal my life and selling on ebay. But today I had to share. I love Little Miss Matched socks. I purchased a bunch for me and have been wearing them almost non-stop for months. They still look new. 

So when I received an email with a discount code, I am quick to use it. In case you don't know, Little Miss Matched sells their socks in packages of 3 instead of 2 so you can "miss match". But, I would rather my socks match. So I simply buy two of the same item and then I get 3 sets of matching socks (instead of 2 packages of 3). 

Today I picked up 6 sets of 3 socks. This will mean I have 9 sets of matching socks. And with the sale going on and with the free shipping code, I got them for $25.98. That is under $3 a pair for amazing (and fun) socks. 

They make women's and children's socks as well as children's accessories. The promotional code is "LASTCHANCE" and you enter it when you enter the payment on the check out page. It will give you free shipping on orders $25 or more. Plus, almost everything is discounted deeply. 

The discount code ends tonight. Below is a link to their website.

Free Shipping On All Orders Over $25 With Code LASTCHANCE! SHOP NOW 

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