Sunday, December 30, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales - 12/30

Here are some recent ebay sales. 

1. This one sold within minutes of listing! JWLA (Johnny Was) dress, sold for $27. 

2. Joseph Ribkoff outfit, sold for $25. 

3. Patagonia dress, sold for $22.

4. Anthropologie's Odille brand skirt, sold for $23. 

5. Lululemon twisted seam pants, sold for $50. I purchased a lot of Lululemon off of ebay to resell it. I paid about $150. I have more than paid for all the items and still have 4 more listed. Plus, I am keeping an adorable run skirt! 

6. Anthropologie's Edme & Esyllte dress, sold for $20. 

7. Chanel dress, sold for $202. This is only my second Chanel piece in my 8+ years of listing on ebay. It is hard to find this brand at thrifts but I am thrilled I found this one & it sold for so much!

8. Lululemon gray & black tank, sold for $19. 

9. Lululemon black & lime tank, sold for 20. 

10. Lululemon black & lime sweatshirt, sold for $53. 

11. Lululemon black & lime pants, sold for $25.50. 

12. Ralph Lauren velvet dress, sold for $20. 

13. These were sitting up in my father-in-law's linen closet. William A. Rogers silverware set, sold for $25.

14. Another item that was sitting around our house. A vintage Ludwig drum petal, sold for $35. 

15. Isagenix shakes - I love, love, love these! But, they have milk and I milk makes me sick within a half hour of eating/drinking it. So, I sold them. I had about 3 boxes left and I sold them for $85. 

16. Victoria's Secret "Pink" brand sweatshirt, sold for $25. 

17. Vintage Krystyna pink & green pillowcase dress, sold for $20. 

18. Tahari jacket & skirt set, sold for $44. 

19. Talbots silk dress, sold for $22.50. 

20. St. John Basics santana knit skirt, sold for $61. 

21. Vintage handmade pink lace skirt, sold for $20. 

22. Avon lot of 2 skin creams, sold for $22.50. 

23. Flax yellow dress, sold for $20. 

24. Talbots black & white plaid skirt, sold for $20. 

25. Worth suit, sold for $25. 

26. Additions by Chico's top, sold for $20. 

27. Talbots dandelion print skirt, sold for $20.

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