Saturday, November 3, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales - 11/3

The other day I walked into a thrift and one of the employees was carrying around a juicer. I followed him around (as fast as my knee would take me!) and told him I wanted it as soon as I caught up. It was a Vita Mix which is one of the best brands you can buy. I paid $40 for it - much higher than my usual buy. 

Yesterday I sold it for $170! After ebay fees, I made $100. I would love for every sale to be so easy! 

2.  Talbots blue & white striped dress, sold for $20. 

3. Evan Picone velvet dress, sold for $20. The buyer of this dress also bought five other items. I love when that happens! 

4. Alberto Makali jacket, sold for $23. 

5. Alberto Makali jacket, sold for $20. 

6. New Quaker Factory pants & top set, sold for $21. 

7. Kate Hill plaid skirt, sold for $25 within a day of listing. 

8. My lot of doll furniture sold. I purchased it for $1 and it sold for $26. 

9. Athleta skort, sold for $26. 

10. Gap denim skirt, sold for $16. 

11. Lanz flannel night gown, sold for $26. 

12. Talbots wool jacket, sold for $20. 

13. Vera Bradley purse, sold for $20. This was my personal purse and it was getting faded & a bit old looking. I am trying to pair down! Ha! 

14. H&M top, sold for $20. 

15. Banana Republic silk dress, sold for $20. 

16. Anthropologie's "C. Keer" top, sold for $15. This was pretty amazing since it had a hole in the front of the top! I didn't realize it in the store. I took a photo of the hole and listed it "as is". 

Sometimes items with flaws don't work out so well! 

I sold this Elie Tahari suit for only $6 because of the iron sheen marks on it. I only paid $4 for it so I basically broke even. But this would have went MUCH higher if it was perfect. I missed the marks in the store. 

Another item with a flaw which I missed in the store. Ralph Lauren men's pull-over. It had a white mark on the front which didn't come out with washing (darn it!). Sold for $15 which was great since I paid $4 for it. 

And one more. This one had the lining cut out by the previous owner. It was not done well. It sold for $5 and I had paid $2.50 for it. Again, I broke even.

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