Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ebay - The Week In Numbers

This week was a busy "ebay" week for me. For those that don't know, I sell on ebay full-time. 

On Monday, I drove about 500 miles. I picked up 140 items to re-sell. Two of them turned out to have large flaws and were thrown out. I was driving or shopping for 11 hours. I also packaged 32 items to ship on Tuesday. 

On Tuesday, I listed 40 items. I also napped for 3 hours since I woke up at 4am. I packaged 38 items to ship on Wednesday. I worked for 13 hours on ebay or ebay items. I also made 12 cupcakes and 30 cookies. They were given to my mail carrier, my father-in-law and the lady who is helping us secure VA benefits for my father-in-law.

On Wednesday, I cleaned and steamed over 100 items. I think I also listed a few things. I seriously cannot remember. This took FOREVER! I was up at 3am and was exhuasted by 4pm. I quit early - after about 10 hours of ebay. I packaged 18 items to ship on Thursday.

On Thursday, I listed about 75 items. This may be an all-time high for me. I packaged another 20 to ship out on Friday. I ebay-ed for 12 hours. 

On Friday, I went shopping again since I was almost out of items already. I picked up another 20 items and drove 100 miles. I also went grocery shopping for us and for my father-in-law (he no longer is able to drive). I listed the rest of the items I picked up on Monday and packaged 15 items for Saturday's mail. I shopped and listed for 10 hours. I then went to a friend's Mary Kay party.

On Saturday, I packaged another 15 or so items before the mail was picked up. Then my hubby & I went to a funeral luncheon. I came home and cooked eggs, beef & chicken for my husband so he could eat for a few days. I cook these in bulk and separate them in containers. He can then re-heat them. He is a very healthy eater and eats a lot of protein. I spent the rest of the day cleaning the items I bought yesterday. 

During this week, I sold over $600 on my store ID and about $1500 on my non-store ID. 

I sold 42 items on my store ID and 71 items on my non-store ID. 

I am still waiting for 6 people to pay but everything else has shipped. Yeah!

Tomorrow will be a day of REST! I'm looking forward to it. 

Here are my favorite sales for the week: 

1. A vintage black dress I purchased in Florida. I think I paid about $40-$50 for it. I could check my receipts but I am being lazy. It sold for $225. 

2. This jacket was returned (something I usually don't allow) because the buyer didn't like the buttons. I refunded JUST the purchase price ($140) and not the shipping. I got it back and relisted it. Thankfully, It sold for the same amount. I didn't lose a cent and I am thrilled! St. John Collection jacket, sold for $140.

3. I found this ring years ago. I think it was the pocket of another item. It was tested by a local jeweler and was real gold. I finally remembered to list it and although it was missing a stone, it sold for $53. 

4. I loved, loved, loved this carpet bag. I purchased it for $2 and sold it for $25. 

5. J. Crew pineapple skirt, sold for $60. 

6. Jones Wear tiered dress, sold for $40. 

7. Talbots dandelion print skirt, sold for $40. I have two more of these exact skirts (in different sizes). For some reason, they keep finding me at the thrift store.

8. Vintage Casio Secret Sender 6000. My sister had this as a girl and I remembered it. I paid $3 for it and it sold for $20. Not a huge sale, but it brought back a lot of a memories. 
Exhausting, right? 

It was nothing compared to my husband. He cleaned two houses (ours and my father-in-laws), mowed two yards (his dad's and his uncle & aunts), fertilized his dad's lawn, took his father to two doctor's appointments, shopped for groceries at the beginning of the week, sang with the oldies band twice (both times were out of town), took his father to Lowe's (this in itself is an all-day ordeal), took two vehicles in to the mechanic, picked my father-in-law up when he fell (yet again...this was the fourth time in less than 6 weeks) and will be leading TWO worship services and have a church worship rehearsal tomorrow.  And this is just what I can remember. 

We are going to (try to) slow down with this new week approaching.  


  1. Okay- this was inspiring, though I don't know how you do it.
    I have to list!
    Praying for you and your knee.
    Also praying for your husband and your father in law.
    Love and miss you.

  2. Wow! That's amazing! I am cleaning my closet now so you've inspired me to put it up on eBay! I can't believe you're this active after your recent surgery--good for you :)

  3. Thanks Rach and Gabrielle! To make up for the lack of sleep last week, I slept a solid 12 hours last night. Ha!

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