Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales - 11/14

My hubby & I spent the last day and a half cleaning our carpets. It is something that we do every year in November and I look forward to it every year. Dollar General rents the Rug Doctor machine for $30 (for the wider option) and the upholstery attachment was an additional $3. You can use THIS website for a $10 mail-in rebate when you rent the machine and buy the cleaner. Just type in your zip code and it will bring up the printable rebate.

We moved every single piece of furniture and scrubbed the carpets. They turned out great. We have no kids, no pets and are non-smokers. We barely use some of our rooms but the water was still dirty after cleaning.  

I loved the machine so much that I cleaned the couches and desk chairs. I wish I had more to clean. Ha! 

During this time, ebay was put on the back burner. But, I am going shopping again today. 

Here is what has recently sold: 

1. Athleta dress, sold for $41. This was new with tags which is why it went so high. 

2. Athleta dress, sold for $20. 

3. Chico's Zenergy zip up sweatshirt/jacket, sold for $27. Sold within two days of listing. 

4. Marni skirt, sold for $92.Crazy! This skirt was 39 cents at my thrift. It is an "avent garde" style which I kind of don't get...but who cares! It sold for $92!

5. Chico's Travelers striped top, sold for $29. Sold within hours of listing. 

6. Vintage Trolls! I purchased all 10 of these for $1. I broke them up into two listings and they sold for $20. Look for the ones that are signed "DAM" on the bottom. These were from the 1980's. The ones that are from the 1960's sometimes go for hundreds of dollars! 

7. Anthropologie's "Elevenses" brand jacket, sold for $45. 

8. Ralph Lauren jacket, sold for $40 

9. Cablea's "unionsuit", sold for $25. This one-piece was made of fleece and would be soooo comfy in the wintertime. 

10. Ann Taylor strapless dress, sold for $30.

Tomorrow we will be putting up the Christmas tree! Yup, on November 15. We do Christmas at Thanksgiving with family (I call it Thanksmas) and so the decorations are going up REALLY early.

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