Saturday, March 31, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales

Amongst all the craziness my life has become, I have been selling on ebay. Ebay had a listing sale which ends today where if you have a store, you could list anything on auction for free...for three weeks. So I have been trying to shop & list as much as I possibly can.

And I have sold over 100 items for three solid weeks. Here is what the USPS pick-up looked like one day this week.

Thankfully the mail carrier picks up the packages and puts our incoming mail in the rubbermaid bin. I don't have to go to the post office at all.

Here are a few of my recent sales:

1. Calvin Klein dress - sold for $75.

2. Vintage Ceeb swimsuit from the 1960's - sold for $46.

3. Eileen Fisher sweater - sold for $45.

4. J Crew dress - sold for $43. This would make a lovely casual wedding dress.

5. St. John Collection sweater - sold for $35. The buyer of this piece also bought four other items.

...and about two weeks ago I went to another bag sale. You could fill a huge kitchen bag for $5 and even though the items were more winter-y than most I pick up during March, I still filled a bag.

I have already made $100 from the one bag and still have about 10 pieces.


On the schedule for today:

-Print shipping labels before the mail carrier gets here at 8:30am.
-Photograph & edit the photos for the last 20 items before the listing sale ends tonight
-Go finish cleaning up a painting job my hubby & I started last week. The timing was very bad for us with my FIL being in the hospital & rehab but we took on the job before we realized what our weeks would hold. The couple is away until Monday and I am thrilled we will be finishing this job today.
-Visit the FIL in rehab. He gets discharged on Monday and my hubby will be staying at his house with him until he is able to live by himself again.
-Spend a bit of time with the hubby. Perhaps get a movie if I can fit it in the schedule.

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  1. Love the Calvin Klein! hope your painting job finishes quickly!
    It amazes me that vintage bathing suits sell!
    I always need a new suit (with good elastic)!
    I already have the vintage part ;)


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