Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Recent Ebay Sales

Today I am posting from the hospital waiting room. My father-in-law is having a shoulder replacement surgery today. Since he is 86 years old, it is a bit more "high risk" than normal. Thankfully the hospital has free, fast internet service.

Here are a few things that recently sold:

1. Ralph Lauren blazer - this is their higher "purple label" and it sold for $100!

2. Armani blazer. I listed & re-listed this for a lower price with no bids. Then two people decided they wanted it and it went for $76.

3. Vintage Pendleton jacket. These can go as high as $500 if you find the right one. Mine was a newer, vintage label and it didn't have the Southwest thing happening. But it still sold for $50 and it had a few moth bites.

4. BCBG dress with ruffles. I loved this dress but it was WAY too low for me to keep. It sold for $45.

5. Betsey Johnson does fairly well on ebay. Usually the crazier the print/style, the better. Of course I found a fairly plain black dress but I was still pleased when it sold for $35.

6. This Storybook Knits sweater was in the local consignment shop window. They wanted $12 for it which is about 3-4X the normal amount I spend. But I loved it and I knew it would be an easy sale since it was Easter themed. It sold for $35. After ebay fees, paypal fees, etc. I made about $18. It took me only a few minutes to list so it was an easy $18.

7. I sold another Christmas sweater! It is March and so someone will have to pack this up for next year. It sold for $34.

...and I am going to end with something I thought would never sell. I picked up this reversible kilt knowing that I have previously sold them with success. This one sat & sat in my ebay store. I listed it for $9.99 a bunch of times. Since ebay is having a free listing sale (if you have an ebay store), I just kept putting it up. It sold this past week for $14.50. Not a ton of money but since I paid only $1.50 for it and listed it for free, this is still a profit.

That brings me to the discussion of what to do when something just won't sell on ebay. Well, I package it up and drop it off at my local consignment shop. I can get 50% of the selling price from them. I can drop off a bagful every month as long as the items are seasonal. I just dropped off a bag of jeans, skirts & tops that I had listed on ebay for $4.99 and they didn't sell. Rather than keep trying to get $5 (minus ebay fees!) for them, I would rather the consignment shop deal with them. I will only get a few dollars per piece but I only pay a few dollars per piece so I break even on them.

If they don't sell at the consignment shop, they automatically donate them to local thrifts.

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